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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Autopsi Jacko Mengejutkan

Bedah siasat yang dilakukan ke atas tubuh Jacko, nama jolokan Michael Jackson telah memberi informasi bagaimana keadaan tubuhnya sehingga membawa kepada kegagalan fungsi jantungnya sehingga membawa kematian.

Para doktor yang mebedahnya mendapati badannya hampir tinggal tulang, tiada makanan di dalam perutnya melainkan lambakan pil-pil farmasi. Dengan tinggi 180 cm dan berat hanya 53 kg, ia menunjukkan Body Mass Index 17, penyanyi ini memang bermasalah kerana dalam kedudukan Underweight. Terdapat kesan-kesan pembedahan plastik surgeri yang pernah dijalankan oleh beliau. Banyak kesan suntikan pada tubuhnya dipercayai penyanyi tersebut mengamalkan pengambilan dadah-dadah tertentu untuk membantunya dalam persembahan di pentas dan kehidupan sehariannya. Rambutnya sudah jarang hampir botak, ia selalu muncul dengan memakai topi dan rupanya selama ini ia memakai rambut palsu.

Keadaannya yang begitu teruk dan merosot dipercayai hasil dari kesan jangka panjang pembedahan plastik dan pengambilan dadah-dadah yang keterlaluan dan pada saat kematiannya, ia sudah mencapai tahap kemerosotan yang paling teruk.

Beginilah kehidupan seorang yang dipanggil idola kepada ramai peminatnya yang sudahpun mengumpul harta berbilion dolar. Beliau merosakkan dirinya sendiri kerana tujuan untuk meneruskan popularitinya serta orang-orang disekelilingnya tentu ingin merasa sedikit tempias dari kekayaannya dengan mendampingi beliau dan mensarankan penggunaan ubat-ubat yang 'dipatentkan' khas untuknya supaya mereka terus mendapat keuntungan yang bukan sedikit dari beliau sebagai pelanggan. Lihat saja wajahnya dari gelap sudah menjadi cerah seperti orang kulit putih. Apakah 'ubat-ubat' yang saya maksudkan? Sudah tentu operasi-operasi pembedahan plastik kos tinggi yang kononnya dapat mengubah wajahnya, ubat-ubatan yang mewah yang kononnya dapat memelihara kulitnya dan membantunya menghiburkan peminat semasa beraksi di pentas, dan juga ubat-ubat lain yang mungkin tidak pernah terlintas di fikiran kita contohnya ubat menambah daya beraksi di pentas, ubat tahan tidur dan sebagainya.

Siapa yang patut disalahkan? Dirinya sendiri dan orang-orang disekelilingnya...!


Michael Jackson “Desperately” Sought Sedative, Nutritionist Says

6/30/09, 8:03 pm EST

In the months leading up to his sudden death last week at age 50, Michael Jackson was “adamant” about receiving a powerful intravenous sedative called Diprivan or Propofol, nurse/nutritionist Cherilyn Lee, who treated the star, tells the AP. And just four days before he died, one of Jackson’s aides placed a desperate call to Lee, indicating Jackson was extremely ill. ” ‘One side of my body is hot, it’s hot, and one side of my body is cold,’ ” Lee overheard Jackson saying in the background. She advised him to rush to a hospital, assuming “somebody had given him something that hit the central nervous system.”

An overdose of a sedative like Diprivan can cause a person to stop breathing, leading to a buildup of carbon dioxide in the body that ultimately leads to erratic heartbeat and cardiac arrest, an anesthesiologist tells the AP. Jackson did not go to the hospital on June 21st when Lee was called, however he was rushed to UCLA Medical Center on June 25th after falling unconscious in his Los Angeles home and not responding to CPR. Lee tells the AP, “He was in trouble Sunday and he was crying out.”

Lee says that Jackson was experiencing severe insomnia as he rehearsed for his “This Is It!” run of comeback concerts due to kick off July 13th at London’s O2 Arena. She first met the superstar in January when she treated his children for minor colds with vitamins. Jackson reported his difficulties sleeping and demonstrated his inabilities to stay asleep when Lee stayed over one evening to monitor his nighttime behavior. Jackson went to bed with classical music playing on a sound system and Donald Duck playing on a computer he kept in bed with him. After awaking after only three hours’ sleep, Jackson said, “All I want is to be able to sleep. I want to be able to sleep eight hours. I know I’ll feel better the next day.”

“He wasn’t looking to get high or feel good and sedated from drugs,” Lee told the AP. “This was a person who was not on drugs. This was a person who was seeking help, desperately, to get some sleep, to get some rest.” Lee says she advised Jackson the drug was dangerous — “The only problem is you’re going to take it and you’re not going to wake up” — but Jackson said he had received the drug before, refusing to name the doctor who administered it.

Questions over Jackson’s alleged use of prescription drugs have filled the papers since his death last week. “We know he was taking some prescription medication,” the coroner’s office said when initial autopsy results were released; cause of death will not be established until toxicology tests are returned in four to six weeks.

Today TMZ reported that police search warrants for Jackson’s home specified controlled substances and needles, and that the LAPD is also seeking to question the singer’s onetime dermatologist Arnold Klein (who Us Weekly named as the father of two of Jackson’s children) over prescriptions he may have issued to Jackson. Former Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman also told Us Weekly, “I warned them there was the misuse of prescription medications by people who were enabling him; his handlers, folks who should never have been permitted to allow him to use those medications in the manner I observed.”

Was Michael Jackson Chemically Manipulated for Profit?

(NaturalNews) Michael Jackson's death gives us an opportunity to reflect on the way he was treated by the media (and the public) while he was alive. Through his work, Michael Jackson went to great lengths to send a message of love to the world -- to inspire others and add joy to our lives -- and yet he was derided as a monster by the tabloid media while being humiliated by the comedy routines of late-night talk show hosts.

Western culture is cruel to celebrities.

Anyone in a position of notoriety is automatically deemed a fair target for outrageous accusations and slander. As somewhat of a minor celebrity (in a narrow field) myself, I've seen some of this cruelty directed my way, and I can only imagine how much more devastating the cruelty would be at the scale and degree that was thrust upon Michael Jackson throughout his professional career.

Jackson was derided simply for being different. He had unconventional tastes and pursued uncommon lifestyle choices, and many of those choices made conservative people nervous. So they invented lies and played them up for their own personal profit. The whole accusation of Michael Jackson having sexual escapades with young boys was, by any honest accounting, a complete fabrication engineered for nothing more than personal profit.

In fact, Jackson was financially exploited by virtually everyone close to him. His "handlers" were highly-paid promoters who saw Jackson as their ticket to wealth. It might even be argued that they pushed him to the fringe of a pharmaceutical-induced death through their attempts to exploit his work for their own profits.

Again, I sometimes feel exploited in the same way, such as when companies pressure me to write articles about their products even though I'm on a hectic schedule of trying to cover other important topics. With Michael Jackson, though, the pressure must have been a thousand times worse. Hundreds of millions of dollars were on the line, and if Jackson could only be pumped up with enough drugs and makeup to bang out another fifty concerts, the people around him could walk home filthy rich.

Pharmaceuticals as tools of control

Although I have no specific proof of this, it is my belief that pharmaceuticals became the tools by which Michael Jackson's handlers were able to chemically abuse him in their quest for further profits. With the right drugs, even a frail man can be artificially pumped up with enough energy to make a stage appearance -- although at great cost to his vitality. And some of the drugs he was put on have the effect of turning you into a mind-numbed zombie, primed for mental manipulation.

Jackson's handlers, of course, will insist they loved the man like a friend and money had nothing to do with it. Such a claim is easy to verify: Just check the payroll stubs. If the numbers aren't zero, money probably had everything to do with it. (It's easy to be somebody's "friend" when they're paying you a seven-figure income.)

In the end, there's no doubt that Jackson was pumped full of too many drugs for any man to bear. Pharmaceuticals don't cure anything, after all, and the more you take, the more toxic the combinations become. The Sun newspaper in the UK claims Jackson was taking Xanax, Prilosec, Vicodin, Paxil, Demerol, Soma, Dilaudid and Zoloft. That's an extremely toxic combination of drugs that no person should be taking long-term. And yet it seems (from press reports, if you can believe those) that Jackson was on some of these drugs for a very long period of time... decades, in some cases.

Certainly, Jackson himself is not free from responsibility in all this. His seemingly fanatical pursuit of cosmetic surgery might be called a form of self-inflicted medical abuse. Some of the drugs he was taking were no doubt pursued as a way to alleviate the possible pain and scarring resulting from so many surgical procedures. And yet for that, he can only blame himself, as those procedures were voluntary (and entirely unnecessary). Jackson was loved for his voice, his message and his wide-open heart. In no way did he actually need a new face to be a successful, inspiring artist (the face he was born with would have been just fine).