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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fakta Di Sebalik Kematian Aktor Heath Ledger

Media Salahkan Heath Ledger, Nafi Kandungan Merbahaya Dalam Ubat-Ubatan Yang Ditemui Di Sisi Mayatnya
oleh Mike Adams

Bolehkah anda bayangkan mayat Heath Ledger ditemui di samping ubat-ubatan herba cina di sisinya? Media tentu akan menyalahkan ubat-ubatan tersebut dan seluruh dunia akan menganggap herba tersebutlah menyebabkan kematiannya. Tetapi apabila mayatnya ditemui di samping 2 botol ubat yang mendapat kelulusan dari FDA, ia sukar bagi mereka untuk mendedahkan kesan sampingan dari ubat-ubatan tersebut (sebenarnya, kemungkinan besar kematiannya disebabkan oleh ubat yang diluluskan oleh FDA).
Media arus perdana akan bertindak untuk menyelamatkan ubatan farmasi yang diluluskan kerana ia melibatkan syarikat farmasi. Anggapan yang mudah ialah ubat farmasi adalah selamat digunakan. Ia diluluskan oleh FDA. Padahal, ubat-ubatan farmasi yang diluluskan oleh FDA telah membunuh rakyat Amerika 2 kali ganda setahun dari jumlah seluruh peperangan di Vietnam. Ia tiada industri lain yang membunuh begitu ramai manusia setahun dari syarikat gergasi ubat-ubatan.
Jadi kenapa media sering menyelamatkan syarikat farmasi apabila sudah terdapat bukti bahawa Ledger mati disebabkan factor farmasitikal? (Jawapannya: Konflik keuntungan. Media disokong oleh syarikat farmasi)
Lihat fakta laporan:
1. Tiada bukti dadah atau alcohol ditemui di apartment Ledger.
2. Tiada bukti beliau cuba bertindak membunuh diri (tiada nota, mesej dan lain-lain)
3. Ubat yang ditemui di sisi mayat Ledger tercatat nama beliau (bererti ia dibeli secara sah dan mengikut nasihat doktor)
4. Bedah-siasat awal menunjukkan tiada penggunaan dadah atau cubaan membunuh diri
5. Tiada bukti ia dibunuh
Jadi, apa yang menyebabkan kematian beliau?

Adalah Mangsa Kepada Sistem Farmasi Yang Mendatangkan Maut
Berdasarkan kepada bukti yang ada, saya percaya Heath Ledger mati disebabkan oleh system farmasi. Saya juga percaya media cuba membersihkan nama syarikat farmasi dengan tidak melaporkan kebenaran dan menyalahkan mangsa kerana bertindak menyebabkan perkara yang tidak sepatutnya terjadi.

Teruskan membaca laporan dibawah;

What would Sherlock Holmes conclude?
By normal standards of sleuthwork, this scene is hardly a mystery. It certainly doesn't require a genius to figure out the likely culprit behind Ledger's death. Once you eliminate all the things that couldn't have been responsible for his death, you're left with only one remaining likely cause: The two bottles of pharmaceuticals (antidepressant drugs and sleeping pills) found adjacent to Ledger's body.

Think about this for a moment:

Hmmm... there's no evidence of foul play, drug use or suicide. Heath was young and not suffering from any known cardiovascular health problems (ruling out a heart attack). Pharmaceuticals were found near his body. Heath obviously didn't just spontaneously die for no reason. There had to be a cause. Isn't it obvious that the most likely cause here was the chemical toxicity of the pharmaceuticals he was taking?
The media isn't interested in the REAL cause of Ledger's death
I find it amazing that the mainstream media appears to have no interest whatsoever in examining the chemical cause of Ledger's death. The question we need to be asking right now is: What killed Heath Ledger? He obviously didn't simply expire due to old age (Ledger was 28).

The mainstream reporting on this issue is limited to one word: "Overdose." It was an "overdose" that killed Ledger, the media keeps reporting. The drugs didn't kill him, the "overdose" did. An interesting twist of logic, isn't it? The drugs are perfectly safe because they're FDA approved, and it's all Ledger's fault that he's dead.

It's the same old "blame the victim" scam that's been pushed by food and drug companies for generations. It sure is convenient to blame Ledger for his fatality -- that way, nobody has to ask tough questions about the safety of the pharmaceuticals he was taking at the time.

The mainstream media, of course, is financially supported by the very same drug companies who profit from the drugs Ledger was apparently taking when he died. How's that for an Inconvenient Truth that the mainstream media (MSM) won't dare report?

No, blame the celebrity. Blame the victim and ignore the cause. Don't even consider the fact that pharmaceuticals are synthetic chemicals backed by fraudulent science and a corrupt Food and Drug Administration that actually goes out of its way to boost Big Pharma profits at the expense of human lives. Pay no attention to the outright fraudulent marketing and criminal conspiracy between Big Pharma and the FDA -- an organized crime operation that monopolizes drug prices, oppresses alternatives, censors free speech about natural medicine and allows drug companies to advertise dangerous chemicals on television like they were PEZ candies.

You can bet, as I hinted earlier, that if Ledger's body had been found next to bottles of Chinese Medicine herbs, the headlines would be far different from what we're seeing today. They'd be something like, "Chinese Herbs Implicated in Death of Heath Ledger" and everybody would be pointing their fingers at the herbs, calling them dangerous and "unapproved by the FDA." Well, antidepressant drugs and sleeping pills are approved by the FDA, and it seems they managed to kill Heath Ledger anyway. The fact that something is approved by the FDA doesn't make it safe. In fact, most FDA-approved medicines are far more dangerous than the non-FDA-approved natural alternatives!
Ledger becomes yet another victim of a deadly system of pharmaceutical medicine
Based on the evidence currently available, I believe Heath Ledger was killed by pharmaceuticals. I also believe the MSM is whitewashing this story, refusing to report the truth and instead attempting to blame the victim for this utterly unnecessary death.

If the available evidence changes following further toxicology studies due out in 10 - 14 days, then I will of course update my opinion on this. And if it turns out that Ledger's body contained heroin or other illegal drugs, then I will openly retract my statements that currently point the finger of blame at the prescription drugs he was taking. But based on the evidence available right now, the only logical conclusion is that Heath Ledger was killed by FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, and that means at least part of the blame rests with the drug companies that manufacture and aggressively sell those drugs. It's standard product liability reasoning: If cigarettes cause cancer, Big Tobacco should be sued. If pharmaceuticals keep killing people, they should be sued, too.

But you won't find that reported anywhere in the MSM. They won't touch that angle of the story. It's easier to just blame the victim and keep on pushing drug ads that promote the aggressive use of those very same drugs in children, teens and young adults. There are billions of dollars at stake in this marketing sham, and the media certainly isn't going to rock that boat by asking honest questions about Ledger's death.

That's business as usual in America today: Dangerous medicines, media lies and innocent casualties. Ledger wasn't born in America, but he died in America, steeped in deadly American medicine and American media lies. And somehow, may his death serve as a warning to all his adoring young fans around the world: Pharmaceutical medicines can kill you.